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7.8 Billion Captain Blasts Another Home Run in Australia "Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome"

Doosan's new captain, Yang Seok-hwan (33), has delivered another home run during the first spring training camp in Sydney, Australia.

The Doosan Bears held their second and final blue-and-white game at the Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia, the site of their first spring training camp, on the 17th. After warming up with a five-inning game in the first blue-and-white game, Doosan played a full inning on this day to get a better feel for the game.

The blue team fielded a 10-man starting lineup: Cho Sung-ryeong (left fielder), Lee Yoo-chan (second baseman), Yang Ji-ji (catcher), Yang Seok-hwan (designated hitter), Heo Kyung-min (third baseman), Kim Dae-rae (right fielder), Hong Sung-ho (first baseman), Park Ji-hoon (shortstop), Kim Ki-yeon (designated hitter), and Jeon Damin (center fielder).

The White team countered with an 11-man lineup: Jung Soo-bin (center fielder), Henry Ramos (right fielder), Kim In-tae (left fielder), Kim Jae-hwan (designated hitter), Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Park Jun-young (designated hitter), Kim Min-hyuk (first baseman), Park Kye-beom (shortstop), Jang Seung-hyun (catcher), Ahn Seung-han (designated hitter), and Oh Myung-jin (third baseman).

In the bottom of the first inning, Yang Ji-ji singled to left, followed by Yang Seok-hwan's first home run of the season, a two-run shot to left-center field off Baek starter Brandon Waddell. Yang also hit a home run to left-center in last week's live betting, so he had a good feeling about the Blue-White game.

The white team answered right back. 안전놀이터 After Ramos singled to right, Kim Jae-hwan (RBI), Kang Seung-ho (RBI), and Park Jun-young (RBI) hit consecutive singles to make it 3-2.

After the Blue Team tied the game in the second on a sacrifice fly by rookie Jeon Damin, the White Team regained the lead in the third on an RBI single by Ramos. The Blue Team tied the game again in the fourth inning with a leadoff home run to left by Kim Dae-hyun, but the White Team broke the 4-4 tie in the sixth inning with back-to-back singles by Jung Soo-bin and Ramos, followed by an RBI double by Kim In-tae.

The Blue Team regained the lead in the eighth inning when Lee Yoo-chan drew a bases-loaded walk and Yang Yang-ji hit an RBI double.

The white team did not stand still. Ahn Seung-han, who came up with the bases loaded in the eighth inning, hit a game-winning single, and Kim In-tae hit a single in the ninth inning. As is typical of a blue-and-white game, the home team's lead lasted until the bottom of the ninth inning.

The Blue Team's mound started with Choi Won-joon (1⅔ innings, three runs), followed by Lee Young-ha (two innings, one run), Park Shin-ji (two innings, one run), Kim Ho-joon (one scoreless inning), Choi Jun-ho (one run in 1⅓ innings), and Jung Chul-won (one run in one inning). Young-ha Lee's fastball was measured at 147 kilometers.

The backup team started with Brandon (2 runs in ⅔ innings), followed by Kwak Bin (1 run in 2 innings), Kim Dong-ju (1 run in 1 inning), Choi Jae-in (1 run in 1 inning), Park So-joon (1 run in 1 inning), Park Chi-guk (1 run in 1 inning), and Kim Taek-yeon (1 run in 1 inning). Kwak Bin and Choi Jong-in set the tone for the second day of camp with pitches up to 151 kilometers per hour.

Captain Yang Seok-hwan, who reported the home run, said, "It's always nice to hit a home run. It doesn't mean much, but we're heading into the second camp in good spirits. "We're focusing on the process, and the results are following," he said, adding, "It was a satisfying camp in Sydney. It's not a bad feeling. The hard work we put in over the winter seems to be paying off now."

According to Doosan officials, the game was held over the weekend, and more than 100 people, including local Sydney residents, visited the ballpark to cheer on the Doosan players.

"The Blue-Black game was canceled due to a lot of rain on the 16th, and the staff worked really hard from the morning to maintain the field. Thanks to them, we were able to play nine innings today. It was a great help to improve my sense of practice, and I was able to play baseball in front of the fans while listening to their cheers. I'd like to thank the staff for their hard work and the fans for coming to the stadium," said the team.

On the mound, Choi Jong-in, who was drafted by Doosan in the ninth round of the 2020 second round with the 89th pick, pitched brilliantly. "It was my first blue-and-white start, but my pitches weren't bad. I attended a pitching academy in Seoul over the winter and focused on establishing my form." "It's unfortunate that there are many games that go down to three balls per batter. I'm in a position to compete, so I've been working on my conditioning quickly and I feel really good."

"Last season, I started using a sweeper in addition to my fastball, curveball, and splitter. Coach Kim Sang-jin helped me a lot in the second team, which gave me the confidence to use it as a decisive pitch in practice. I haven't made my first team debut yet, but I want to have a season where I can make a name for myself in front of the fans," he added.