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"Fuerte!" A mantra to get stronger and harder... Lotte's transformation is felt by its players


The Lotte Giants are entering spring training in Guam with a new coaching staff and a new flow. Before the Giants' first official workout, all of the Giants attend a meeting led by defense coach Kim Min-ho. In this meeting, Coach Kim reminds the players of his defensive philosophy every day and asks them to fight. All players are expected to answer loud and clear. Young players and veterans alike have to be equally vocal.

Then, before they take the field, they shout "Fuerte!" one last time and get down to business. In Spanish, it means "Be strong. Coach Kim Min-ho asked Reyes what "fuerte" means in Spanish. Originally, it was supposed to be a sentence, but it was easier to shout like a chant, so Reyes said "Fuerte," a Spanish word that has the same meaning as "strong.

Since his arrival, Kim has constantly instilled his view of baseball, which is to overwhelm the opponent with energy, and to push harder and more aggressively to gain the upper hand. Pitchers are asked to be aggressive and not waste pitches, and hitters are asked to be aggressive and not wait for favorable counts. Defensively, he stresses the importance of staying strong in the field and shutting down the opposition. He infuses this energy into his chants.

By chanting 'Let's be strong' every day, the players are reminded of the need to be strong. In doing so, they show their willingness to be part of Kim Tae-hyung's baseball program. Coach Kim Min-ho said, "The players must have the desire to become stronger. I don't mean to say that they should become stronger, but I want to instill it in them repeatedly," he said, adding, "I can see that they are getting stronger."

Reyes, who is new to the Spanish language, added: "I think it helps a lot to integrate with the team. The coaches, my teammates, and even my friends who help me train are helping each other, so I feel like we're a team," he laughed.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung looks around the training center quietly. But that doesn't mean he's not watching closely. He catches points with a hawk's eye and relays them to the coaching staff, sometimes even talking to them directly. Although he rarely speaks directly to the players, 스포츠토토 Kim spreads his charisma throughout the training center.

"He keeps telling us not to get caught up in the momentum," says captain Jeon Jun-woo. He keeps telling us to think that we can win because if we lose the momentum, we will lose. I think the players have changed their thinking," says Jeon Jun-woo. "We had a meeting with the idea of building a team that puts pressure on the opponent from the beginning, not a team that just sags. If we think that we are strong from now on, we can naturally improve our ranking. It's a phase of change. It's not that we're good at baseball because the manager has changed, but the players have to be good. If you want to stay with a good manager for a long time, you have to think that we have to win and win. We're going to be good this year," he explained. There was a natural tension. It's not about playing the younger players first, and it's not about special treatment for the older ones. All the players are at the starting line. However, it's hard to see a scene where the seniors take center stage and lead the atmosphere in Lotte's recent history, and there is an uncomfortable undercurrent of baseball centered on the club rather than the players.

"There was a tense atmosphere where everyone was trying to run a little bit more and watching how each other trained. "I'm trying to run faster and take one more step," he said, adding, "No matter what anyone says, I have to go fast and be aware of it. I think this is the ideal atmosphere to work out in." The seniors are leading the way.

Kim Min-seok also noticed a different atmosphere from last year. "I think the team has changed into a team where there is always tension," he said, explaining, "Coach Kim Minho is always smiling and cheering us on, and the seniors and older brothers lead this atmosphere, so the younger players follow."

Yoon Dong-hee added, "There are a lot of new seniors, and they train really hard, so I think the younger players naturally follow suit. We try to go one step further than the seniors and think that only then will the team run well." "I think this atmosphere is necessary for our team and we are going through a process to become stronger," he said.

Jeon Jun-woo added, "We are autonomous, but I think we have a lot of competitive spirit. We have a synergistic effect, so we try to do better. No matter what anyone says, everyone is working hard and doing well," he emphasized.

It's definitely a different atmosphere than before. Unlike in the past, when seniors were pitted against juniors and juniors against seniors and uncomfortable tensions were created, the seniors set the tone, the juniors follow, and off the field, the team is united as a unit. Players are training at night more often than ever before. It's a testament to the changed atmosphere. Lotte is really getting stronger and more solid. It's just a matter of turning the process into results.