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After strongly recommending “You should use Jo Byeong-hyun,” I secretly praye

feel full just looking at it.

SSG Landers manager Lee Soong-yong and his coaching staff laugh whenever they think of this pitcher these days. This is right-handed pitcher Cho Byeong-hyun. Coach Lee and head coach Song Shin-young met at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 30th and unanimously praised Cho Byeong-hyun.

SSG broke their three-game losing streak by winning 6-4 at Samsung in Daegu on the 29th. In the bottom of the 8th inning, when the score was tied at 6-4, Byeong-Hyun Cho came on as a relief. Byeong-Hyun Cho showed off a triple strike by striking out Kang Min-ho with a grounder to first base, Jae-il Oh with a looking strikeout, and Dong-jin Kim with a missed swing. It was his first hold since his professional debut in 2021.

The next day, on the 30th, Director Lee said, "Head coach Song Shin-young recommended Cho Byeong-hyun twice. I was thinking about using (the late) Hyo-jun, but when he mentioned (Cho) Byeong-hyun, I asked him twice, 'Are you talking about this now?' “Coach Song said, ‘You should use it.’ I had to use it even in tight situations anyway, so I boldly gave it a try. Byung-hyun threw it very well.”

Coach Lee burst out laughing, saying, "I didn't know because I was in front of the dugout, but Coach Song was praying earnestly in the back. The Coach Song I know is a bold person, but I was surprised to hear that he prayed. I will have to make him pray more in the future."

With what feelings did you have as you watched Byung-Hyun Cho’s pitching? Coach Lee said, "I believed it. I have also worked as a coach, but it is not easy for a coach to speak with such confidence to a manager. Everyone would have expected Hyojun, but they were surprised to see Byunghyun. As much as I trusted Coach Song, Byunghyun “I also believed in this. He is a player who should make it to the sure-to-win group,” he said emphatically.

He continued, “Byung-hyun is good, so I have some breathing room (in managing the pitching staff). I think the calculation is coming now.” He added, “If Byung-hyun is good, (Lee) Rowoon and (Han) Du-sol will also be stimulated and try to do better.” added.

Since taking office as SSG coach ahead of this season, I have often heard Cho Byeong-hyun's name. Coach Lee said, "I received a lot of recommendations from people around me. Dankook University coach Kim Yu-jin was the first to recommend Cho Byeong-hyun, saying, 'It was good to join the national team. He will be competitive enough.'" Park Chi-wang, coach of the Sangmu (Armed Forces Athletic Corps) baseball team, also said, "That guy." “He said, ‘I’ll probably be able to use it well,’” he explained.

Coach Lee said, "So, I was also curious about what kind of player Jo Byeong-hyun is. I really like the way he throws his own ball with courage. Young players should have that kind of taste," and added, "Only then can coaches analyze their strength and give feedback." “The fact that we use it means that there is a lot of potential for growth,” he said with satisfaction.

I was curious about Coach Song Shin-young’s story. Coach Song said, "While discussing with pitching coach Bae Young-soo about the pitcher to be used in the 8th inning, I asked him to go with Byeong-hyeon. Coach Bae recommended Byeong-hyeon to the manager," adding, "The manager asked me twice about putting Byeong-hyeon in. Expected. He looked back and said, “I think they asked to confirm because I was a poor player.”

Coach Song said, "We made the decision because Byung-hyun's pitching and recent condition were good. He is a player who should play a role in our bullpen. So, I recommended him a little earlier and in a tight situation." He added, "After mentioning Byung-hyun, I contacted the bullpen and contacted Lee Seung-ho. “I asked the coach if the bullpen pitching was okay. Just in case, I prepared to bring in Seung-won (Moon) right away,” he said.

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