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Kim Se-bin's 'Rookie King' being the nagging of his father, general manager Kim Cheol-soo?

Kim Se-bin (Korea Expressway Corporation), who is considered the future middle blocker for the next generation of women's volleyball, won the Rookie of the Year award, which she receives only once in her life. His success cannot be ignored due to the DNA of his father, Kim Cheol-soo, who was a middle blocker during his time as a player and the general manager of KEPCO, and his mother, Kim Nam-soon, who was a legendary striker.

Kim Se-bin won the women's rookie award at the Dodram 2023/2024 V-League awards ceremony held on the 8th. He enjoyed the honor of the Rookie of the Year award, which can only be received once in his life.

Kim Se-bin's award has already been announced. She wore the road construction uniform as the first pick in the first round of the draft this season.

Kim Se-bin, who has been a starter since her first season, scored 200 points in 35 matches and 136 sets. He moved up to 5th overall in the league with 0.596 blocked shots per set. For a rookie player, she achieved great results.

Kim Se-bin said at the press conference after the awards ceremony, “I am happy to receive the Rookie Award. “I will work harder and show you a good image,” he said.

The advice of his father, general manager Kim Cheol-soo, also played a role in his outstanding performance in his debut season and the Rookie of the Year award. General Manager Kim Cheol-soo is providing a lot of help to his daughter, Kim Se-bin, as she played a middle blocker during her days as a player.

Kim Se-bin said, “After the game, he told me everything I did well and what I didn’t do well, and it was memorable,” and said, “I remember it,” but she also showed the chemistry between father and daughter by laughing, saying, “He kept repeating what he said, and I said I knew, but it felt like nagging every time he repeated it.”

Sebin Kim himself says he is lacking, but this is his debut season and he has learned a lot while playing. He feels a lot while watching the senior middle blockers of the opposing team as well as within the team.

He said, “I try to follow what Bae Yuna does while working out, but it’s not easy. “I want to learn by watching my sister,” he said. “Jeong-min Choi (IBK Industrial Bank) also looked into my sister’s blocking a lot. “I learned by watching videos of my older sisters attacking on the move,” he said, showing his willingness to learn from his seniors.

Sebin Kim has had a successful debut season, but he knows his volleyball career is just beginning. He was also harsh in his evaluation of himself.

Kim Se-bin said, “I would like to give my score of 50 points in the first season. There were a lot of shortcomings in the first season, so I want to do better. In particular, I am sorry that I made a lot of mistakes. He said, “He wasn’t even able to manage the crime room,” and expressed his desire to do better than just being satisfied with the Rookie of the Year Award.