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Although they failed to sign last summer... Bayern Munich have yet to give up

Bayern Munich is pushing for the recruitment of right fullback Kyle Walker (33, Manchester City). Bayern Munich, who showed interest in Walker last summer, agreed on personal terms, but the recruitment failed because Walker, who was persuaded by Manchester City, suddenly changed his mind and signed a new contract, but he is expected to try to recruit again in the upcoming summer transfer market

"Bayern Munich almost recruited Walker last summer, but Walker signed a new contract until June 2026 with the persuasion of Pep Guardiola (53, Spain), Manchester City coach," British media Daily Star reported on the 28th (Korea Standard Time). "For this reason, we failed to recruit him, but Bayern Munich began to show interest again after Walker's outstanding performance this season."

Earlier, Bayern Munich was aiming to strengthen its right fullback at the transfer window last summer. Benjamin Pavard (28) of Inter Milan, who played as a built-in right fullback until last season, repeatedly expressed his desire to play as a center back, but when he was completely ignored, he refused to renew his contract and chose to move.

Bayern Munich, after reviewing several candidates at the time, chose Walker, who had only one year left on his contract with Manchester City and wanted a new motivation and wanted to be guaranteed more playing time. Bayern Munich then agreed to personal terms with Walker and proceeded with the transfer, but failed to sign him as he renewed his contract with Manchester City just before Walker moved on to the transfer fee negotiations.

Bayern Munich, which entered the season without reinforcing its power at right full-back, suffered. Nusser Mazraoui (26, Morocco), who was the second option, lost his competitiveness due to frequent injuries and below-expected performance, and Buna Sarr (32, Senegal), a backup member, was listed on the long-term injured list, causing problems. As a result, Sasha Boy (23, France) was urgently hired last winter, but he was "out for the season" shortly after joining the team.

As a result, Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel (50) had no choice but to irregularly deploy Konrad Reimer (aged 26, Austria) as a right fullback. However, Reimer originally played as a midfielder, so he had difficulty playing as a right fullback. After all, Tuchel has been using Jozma Kimich (aged 29, Germany) as a right fullback since February.

Against this backdrop, Bayern Munich is pushing to reinforce its right full-back this summer. In the midst of this, interest in Walker has returned, and they have begun to re-sign Walker. According to local reports, Bayern Munich plans to persuade Walker by using his close friend Harry Kane (30, England), who played with Walker at Tottenham in the past. Kane previously tried to recruit Eric Dier (30, England).