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Setter's skills VS mentality, offensive line without overwhelming first pick

The atmosphere is quite different from the women’s division. The practice match on the third day is not held for no reason.

The second day of the 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men's Asia Quarter Tryout was held at Jeju Sun Hotel and Halla Gymnasium on the 2nd. In the morning, physical checks and player-team interviews were held, and in the afternoon, we moved to Halla Gymnasium and played a practice game.

Now that the schedule for the second day has been completed, the clubs have compiled a preliminary list to some extent. However, unlike the women's division where everyone rushed to Jang Wi, it is not possible to predict the results of the draft on the 3rd to any degree. This is partly because each club has different points they want, but also because overall evaluations of players fluctuate. Because of this, unlike the women's division, the men's division will hold a practice match on the morning of the third day.

First, in the case of two setter applicants (No. 19 Yamato Nakano, No. 30 Hiroki Ito, Lee Sang-Japan), an official gave a clear summary of the two players. He left an evaluation saying, “Number 19 had good skills, and Number 30 had a good mentality.” However, Yamato's performance in the practice game itself was stable. There was also an official who viewed Yamato's skills as saying, "In the current V-League, based solely on stability, I don't think there is any player who is certain to be superior to Yamato." Therefore, teams that are looking at a setter will likely pay a little more attention to Yamato, but will also check Hiroki until the end.

As for wing attackers, No. 2 Kota Ikeda (Japan, OH), No. 7 Yang Baoqi (China, OH), No. 21 Aref Moradi (Iran, OP) and No. 23 Thomas Douglas (Australia, OH) practiced on the second day. He showed good performance in the game. In addition, No. 4 Usman Faryad Ali (Pakistan, OH), No. 6 Zhang Binglong (China, OH), No. 11 Ali Fazli (Iran, OP), and No. 17 Ali Hagparast (Iran, OH), who were previously receiving attention. )‧No. 28 Deng Xinfeng (China, OH) were also on the clubs’ radar.

However, it is not easy to select a player among these who can be confident of being nominated. It appears that No. 21 Moradi is somewhat commonly included in the priorities of teams seeking to select Apogit. Teams targeting outside hitters have different priorities. There are also players whose evaluations from the two teams are completely different. It appears that various preliminary lists will be composed depending on the tastes and needs of the club.

In the middle blocker field, opportunities have been opened to all players due to the absence of top player Sayed Mohamed Mousavi, but the pool in the current tryout is too narrow. They are No. 1 Choi Jisuren Orser (Mongolia), No. 8 Tayeb Einisamarein, and No. 10 Mehrab Maleki (Iran). Of the three, the player whose name comes up frequently is Maleki, but he is not at the level of an overwhelming first pick. This is why Bayarsaihan Batsu (Mongolia), who is trying again as his contract was not renewed, is being cautiously predicted to be nominated by another team.

Among the 23 players currently participating in the tryout, none has registered as a libero position. If there is a team aiming to reinforce the libero, they should choose returning contestant Ryohei Iga (Japan). With the current evaluation of the tryout pool not being very good, there is a possibility that a team looking to reinforce libero will select Ryohei.

n the current situation where no one is able to compete, the most important thing is the final practice match on the morning of the 3rd day. For some, it may be a precious last opportunity to make a decisive appeal. Skills are not the only way to appeal. Proving your sincere attitude and strong physical strength would also be an effective method.

The final schedule for the men's division, which will be even more tense than the women's division due to unpredictable circumstances, has finally begun. What kind of stories and twists await V-League fans?

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