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Cho Hyun-woo makes back-to-back saves

"I was confident that if it went to penalty kicks, I would stop them."

South Korean national soccer team goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo made back-to-back saves in the penalty shootout against Saudi Arabia to send South Korea into the quarterfinals of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup round of 16 in Al Rayyan, Qatar, on Wednesday. South Korea was down 0-1 when Cho Kyu-sung scored a dramatic header in the ninth minute of second-half stoppage time to tie the game at 1-1 and then won the match in penalty kicks after extra time.

"I think we should have won," said Cho. "We practiced a lot for the penalty shootout," said Cho. Coach Andreas Köpke also believed in me, saying that all my decisions were correct." "In the next game, we will continue to believe in each other and hope for a good result."

"Honestly, I was more disappointed than happy, so I wasn't super excited," said Cho Kyu-sung, who came on as a substitute in the 19th minute and scored the equalizer. "I was just thinking, 'We're one goal up. Cho also scored a goal in an exhibition match against Saudi Arabia last September. 온라인카지노 "I scored a goal with my head last time, and I scored again with my head this time. (Hwang) In-beom jokingly told me to play soccer only with my head. I admitted it," he laughed.

South Korea will face Australia in the quarterfinals on February 3. "Mental is important in soccer," said Cho Hyun-woo. I will use the remaining time to recover well and prepare," said Choi.