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"Postecoglou war broke out"...Son Heung-min revived, but public opinion is strange

There are growing doubts about manager Enze Postecoglou's ability.

The British newspaper The Athletic announced on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that Tottenham fans have mixed views on Postecoglou, saying, "The cultural war waged by Postecoglou is unfolding as expected."

Harry Kane, the best player in Tottenham's history, has left, and Postecoglou has no experience leading big leagues or big clubs. Even if Tottenham was expected to be in the top four this season, no one could easily say so. Tottenham's prospects were not that bright.

The Postecoglou system, which began amid concerns, is still performing better than expected. They are competing for the fourth place and Kane's absence is not felt much on the field. The new era created by Postecoglou and captain Son Heung-min has raised a lot of expectations.

It is true that Postecoglou is second only to Mauricio Pochettino, but it is not only viewed favorably. The Athletic said: 'What has been changing since the 0-4 defeat at Newcastle a week ago is the atmosphere. The whole Tottenham community is starting to split over managerial issues. For those who have been critical or skeptical of Postecoglou, the defeat at Newcastle has been a testament to their greatest fears.'

It is true that Tottenham's problems in the second half of this season were maximized against Newcastle. It is certainly true that it was the worst game of the season, starting with Son Heung-min's dependence on him, the defense vulnerable to counterattacks, and the problem of set pieces. It was a game in which Postecoglou's tactics were completely destroyed.

People who are pessimistic about Postecoglou believe that no change can be expected from him. Postecoglou keeps emphasizing "our soccer." He is more about completing Tottenham's own soccer than analyzing opponents.

Tottenham is not a team that can build overwhelming power like Manchester City, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), so they think Postecoglou's direction does not fit Tottenham's reality.

The Athletic said, "For Postecoglou to succeed, there are voices calling for a change of method." On the other hand, most Tottenham fans who like Postecoglou are against this argument. He explained the divided atmosphere of Tottenham fans, saying, "Even after the defeat at Newcastle, there are many areas where fans who are optimistic about Postecoglou can argue."

In the end, Postecoglou has to prove this. If he pushes his way and breaks Tottenham's history of no spectatorship, he will remain the best manager of Tottenham in the 21st century. If the opposite results come out, Postecoglou will be evaluated as no different from Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte, who also failed to end the dark ages. Unless Postecoglou proves this, fans' opinions will not be unified.

The Athletic also said about the current phenomenon, "This is the world we live in now that we enter the Postecoglou era. Whether Tottenham comes in fourth or fifth, controversy and division will continue next season."