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Salah vs Klopp head-to-head clash "Why did they fight? If it turns out, it's going to get worse."

Liverpool's two pillars collided greatly. The conflict is deeper than I thought. Liverpool drew 2-2 against West Ham United in the 35th round of the 2023-2024 Premier League at London Stadium on the 27th (Korea time). Liverpool, which was aiming to win the Premier League, is now in the third place. It has four points against Manchester City, which is in second place, and five points against Arsenal, which are in first place. Manchester City is leading the ranking battle by playing one game less than Liverpool and Arsenal. Liverpool struggled, conceding the first goal to West Ham. They barely escaped defeat after a fierce battle. However, the bigger issue than the outcome of the game was the altercation between Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Mohamed Salah. On this day, Klopp excluded Salah from the starting list. Salah, who leads the team in goals and help with 17 goals and nine assists in the Premier League alone, was hurt in his pride. 34 mins in the second half. With a 2-2 tie, Klopp is ready to bring in Salah as a replacement. There was a conflict here. On the bench off the ground, Klopp said a word to Salah first. Salah was angry at Klopp's words. He could hardly control his deduction point. As a result, his teammate Darwin Núñez was able to stop him. The scene was revealed intact through a local relay camera. Conflicts between coaches and players do not occur easily in sports. In addition, Klopp and Salah worked together for seven years in Liverpool. They both had Liverpool's heyday. They also lifted the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and various cup competitions. The claim caused a lot of controversy because the two had never had a disagreement. Immediately after the game, reporters also focused their questions on Klopp and Salah. First Klopp said, "I won't answer why I fought with Salah. We already had a conversation about the incident in the locker room. And that was it." His expression was stiff. Salah didn't open his mouth either. But his nuance and attitude were different from those of Klopp. He said, "If you talk about the incident today (on the 29th), it will get bigger. I can't say it. Of course, I can't say it. If you talk about it, it will go crazy." There was a bone in what he said. The Sun, a British media outlet, explained why Klopp and Salah fought. "Salah was annoyed after he was left out of the game against West Ham. Klopp puts a lot of importance on communication before he needs to be replaced. He usually talks a lot with his replacement. But Salah rejected this conversation. In response, Klopp said, "The coach is angry, too." After the match, Klopp and Salah headed to the locker room without shaking hands or hugging each other. This was in contrast to how the two greeted West Ham's enemy, coach Davis Moyes. <br> <https://www.totosafedb.com/>

Grand Korea Leisure Records 60% Profit Decline In Q2 2023

Grand Korea Leisure (GKL), the Korean casino operator, reported net income of 8.58 billion won ($6.5 million) for the second quarter of 2023. As reported by Inside Asian Gaming (IAG), the figure for the quarter ended June 30, 2023 was down 60.3 percent from the previous quarter. However, its second quarter results reportedly recorded a loss of 7.99 billion won ($6.1 million) for the same period of 2022. Reduced sales: The same source reported that the company's sales reached the KRW 100.2 billion (US$76 million) level during the period, which was 8.2 percent lower than the first quarter. Nevertheless, the second quarter of 2023 was 109 percent stronger than the second quarter of 2022 across three properties in Seoul and Busan that were run under the Seven Luck brand. As GGRAsia reported, Grand Korea Leisure is a subsidiary of the Korea Tourism Organization, which is managed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. IAG said table game sales fell 8.6% quarter-on-quarter in the last quarter, while slot sales rebounded 17.5% to 9.87 billion won ($7.5 million). Casino net game sales, on the other hand, rose 10.9% to settle at 83.6 million won ($634 million) in the second quarter of 2023, while bulk table sales reportedly grew 6.8% to 176.7 billion won ($134 million). VIP Segment Improvement: GKL reportedly revealed that the Japanese and Chinese players made significant contributions to the operation of the business at two casinos located in Seoul and one in Busan. They reportedly spent 236.1 billion won ($179 million) and 159.1 billion won ($121 million) on VIP table games, respectively, to help the company post decent profits in the second quarter of 2023. $23 million in profit: This means that GKL's Q2 net income achieved a profit of 30.2 billion won ($22.9 million) in the first half of 2023, despite an overall decline of about 60% below the Q1 2023 figure. Similar to Q2 2023 earnings, H1 2023 earnings cover a loss of 18.8 billion won ($14.3 million) sustained in H1 2022. 60% decrease in total game sales: In addition, total gaming revenue was 11 billion won ($8.3 million) as of June 30, 2023, following net profit, down 59.6% quarter-on-quarter. Based on the data above, Grand Korea Leisure said it will introduce additional promotional efforts to bring more overseas VIP casino customers to the game table. As GGRAsia reported, these activities will focus on the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka, as well as customers from Taiwan, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia. <br> <https://www.badugisite.net/>

Morgan Stanley: Macau Revenue Achieves 69% Level In 2019 In Q2 2023

Banking group Morgan Stanley expects the Macau industry's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) to reach $1.6 billion in the second quarter of 2023, according to a report by Inside Asian Gaming (IAG). The figure reportedly rose 46% compared to the first quarter of 2023 to testify that the Macau gaming industry is moving towards pre-COVID levels. Q2 2023 Revenue $4.79 Billion: According to the source's report, Morgan Stanley analysts Praveen Chaudhary, Gareth Leung and Stephen Grambling estimate that the surprising results for the second quarter of 2023 for EBITDA in the region will likely be determined by a 29% increase in the industry's total gaming revenue during the previous quarter. Macao's GGR is expected to be $4.79 billion by the end of the quarter, according to the same source, and will maintain upward momentum over the coming period. GGR 29% Growth Drivers EBITDA Levels: Macau's popular gaming market is known to have benefited from a series of prominent events and concerts held during the previous period. Analysts are reportedly expecting the trend to continue in the next quarter. In this regard, visits in the second quarter reached 60% of pre-pandemic 2019 but are expected to increase by the end of the year, according to the IAG. Analysts at Morgan Stanley said, "Spending per visitor is tracking 50% higher than 2019 levels. Further gains in bulk revenue could result from a recovery in package travel, visits to provinces further away from Macau, and improved ferry and air travel capacity. We forecast industry bulk revenue to reach 115% and 125% of 2019 levels in 2024 and 2025." Nevertheless, EBITDA in the second quarter of 2023 is nearly $1.65 billion, accounting for 69% of 2019 levels, according to GGRAsia, which is expected to continue the growth trend. Market share stabilization expected: Banking group experts estimate market share among operators will stabilise as bulk sales and EBITDA numbers appear to persist at 2019 levels. However, they expect to generate bigger revenue as Wynn Macau and Melco resorts make some of the most significant upward moves of the past two quarters. Wynn appears to have seen a boost in revenue after renovating its Wynn Macau facility, according to IAG, while Melco has benefited from the opening of its indoor water park, EPIC-branded tower, and holding a series of concerts. At the same time, the Sands and Galaxy have seen a lack of fully operational accommodation, which has adversely affected their operations. However, it is expected to fully reopen in the third quarter of 2023. MGM China is expected to lead the market: According to Morgan Stanley experts, MGM China's addition of 200 game tables under the new 10-year concession could be a stepping stone for MGM China to gain a bigger market share in the next period. According to reports, analysts Choudhary, Leung, and Grambling: "We expect \[[MGM]] to have 13% bulk market share in 2024 and to be able to track down to 14% to 15% (16% in Q1) in Q2. This \[[Estimated]] means that bulk sales in 2024 will be at least 30% higher than in 2019, even assuming that industry bulk sales do not grow compared to 2019. Consensus predicted MGM 2024 EBITDA to be 10% higher than in 2019, which probably does not provide sufficient credit for the benefits of market share or operational leverage. \[[Estimated] MGM's] 2024 EBITDA is 30% higher than in 2019." <https://www.casinositehot.com/> <br> <br>

Korda returned after 7 weeks and became stronger

Nellie Korda (USA) regained the No. 1 spot in the world rankings. Korda won the LPGA Tour Perhill Pak Championship (total prize money of $2 million) held at Palos Verdes Golf Club (par 71) in Los Angeles, California on the 25th (Korean time). Korda, who was tied for the lead and two strokes behind her for third, steamrolled through her storm as her rivals struggled. Korda also only reduced one stroke with 3 birdies and 2 bogeys in the first half, but catching an eagle in the 14th hole (par 5) in the second half was decisive. With this win, it was Korda's second win of the LPGA Tour season and her 10th career win. She also has a greater chance of surpassing Lilia Boo (USA) and becoming No. 1 in the world rankings. Korda won her KPMG Women's PGA Championship in June 2021, moving her to No. 1 in the world rankings for the first time. After remaining at the top for nine consecutive weeks, he was placed on the operating table in 2022 due to thrombosis in his left arm. Even unexpected injuries didn't stop Korda. In November 2022, she regained No. 1 in the world rankings by winning the Pelican Women's Championship. Since the ranking battle was so fierce, it was not maintained for long, but it regained its top spot in about 8 months since August of last year. Korda won the championship trophy in overtime against Lydia Go (New Zealand) at the Drive On Championship in February last year. Afterwards, he rested in Prague with his family during the Asian Swing and worked on his shots with a swing coach. He recalled, "I wasn't nervous until I made the eagle putt. It was so windy that it was difficult to strike the ball. After I made the eagle, I started getting nervous and made a mistake, but I calmed down after making bogeys in a row." Korda said, "There's nothing better than the adrenaline rush of the few holes remaining when you're in the lead. I feel like I've continued to improve my performance since 2021. I had so much fun winning and playing golf. I was disappointed that I didn't win last year. But that's golf. “You have to accept it as is. Everything happens for a reason. I will always put 110% into everything I do. I also enjoy the experience of learning more about myself during competitions,” he said. He continued, "No. 1 is changing like the wind. I'm really grateful and proud to be No. 1 in the world again. I don't want to talk about my goals yet. If I play well and exist here, everything will follow." I pledged my wish to maintain it. <br> for more info check this : <br> <https://www.totorank.net/>

LPGA Furhills Pak Se-ri Championship

Ji-ae Shin ranked 5th in the LPGA Tour tournament hosted by Se-ri Pak, the 'legend' of Korean women's golf. Ji-ae Shin had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys in the final 4th round of the LPGA Tour Furhills Se-ri Pak Championship (total prize money of $2 million), which ended at Palos Verdes Golf Club (par 71/6,447 yards) near Los Angeles, California on the 25th (Korean time). He hit a 2-over-par 73 with one double bogey. Shin Ji-ae, who had a final total of 7 under par 277 strokes, finished the tournament in a tie for 5th place with Andrea Lee (USA) and Jasmine Suwannapura (Thailand). She was two strokes behind the winner, Nelly Korda (USA, 9 under par, 275 strokes). Ji-ae Shin, who has a total of 64 wins on various tours, including 11 wins on the LPGA Tour, was leading until the third round of this tournament and was aiming to win the LPGA Tour tournament 11 years after the ISPS Handa Australian Women's Open in February 2013, but failed to score on the last day. I lost and could not achieve my goal. He has been mainly active on the Japanese stage since the 2014 season, and has been increasing his participation in other tour events such as the United States and Korea since last year, dreaming of participating in the Paris Olympics to be held this summer. She also participated in this competition at the invitation of a sponsor at the request of host Se-ri Pak, and achieved top results. Ji-ae Shin was tied for the lead with Allison Lee (USA) and Koda until midway through the game, but she was disappointed that her momentum was interrupted by a double bogey on the 12th hole (par 4). After her second shot crossed the green, her third shot was also short, making it difficult to keep her par. She even missed a short bogey putt, losing two strokes at once and being pushed out. Shin Ji-ae failed to improve her ranking, only scoring par in all six holes. After finishing the game, he said, "The wind didn't help today. It made it very difficult," but he said, "I had fun with the fans. It was a good experience because there are still a lot of games left, and I think it will be helpful in future games." On this day, when the strong wind continued all day and the players had difficulties, Nelly Corda did not miss the opportunity to make an eagle with a two-on in the 14th hole (par 5) and reduced two strokes, taking a three-stroke lead over second place and putting herself in an advantageous position to win the championship. However, he ended up with consecutive bogeys in the 17th and 18th holes and was dragged into an overtime match with Ryan O'Toole (USA), who was down 5 strokes in the final round. In the first playoff held at the 18th hole (par 4), O'Toole's birdie putt missed slightly, and then Koda's birdie putt from just over 3 meters went in and the game was decided. Koda added a trophy about two months after the Drive On Championship held in January of this year, achieving her 10th win on the LPGA Tour. The winning prize is $300,000 (about 400 million won). Koda became the first multiple winner of the season on the LPGA Tour, which held six competitions this year. Koda, who is currently ranked second in the world, will leap to first place in the world rankings that will be announced later. Lilia Bu (USA), currently ranked number one in the world, ranked tied for 37th (even par, 284 strokes) in this tournament. Koda also took the lead in Player of the Year points (60 points), prize money ($586,716), and CME Globe rankings (1,052 points). He said, "Se-Ri Pak inspired many people around her, and I am one of them. It was an amazing feeling to meet and talk to one of the best players and to win his competition." He added, “I am grateful to be ranked No. 1 in the world again,” but added, “I don’t want to say that is my goal. If I play well, everything will follow.” O'Toole, who aimed to win the LPGA tour tournament two years and seven months after the Scottish Women's Open in August 2021, finished second by a narrow margin, and Allison Lee tied for third place (8 under par, 276 strokes) with Gabriela Ruffles (Australia). In this tournament, which included the name of a Korean player for the first time on the LPGA tour, Shin Ji-eun was tied for 10th place (5 under par, 279 strokes), and two Korean players entered the top 10. Kim Hyo-joo and for more info check this : <https://www.totorank.net>

It’s not easy to secure a spot in the Olympics

On the 25th (Korean time), the 12th hole (par 4) at Palos Verdes GC, California, USA. Shin Ji-ae's (36) second shot, hit in a strong wind, went well over the green. She attempted to go on green with her approach, but it was rather short, leaving a formidable distance. In addition, he missed a short putt and holed out with 3 putts, resulting in a double bogey. Ji-ae Shin missed out on winning the LPGA Tour after being caught up in her double bogey. Shin Ji-ae lost two strokes in the final round of the Furhills Pak Se-ri Championship held on this day and tied for 5th place with a final total of 7 under par 277 strokes. She was two strokes behind winner Nelly Korda (USA, 9 under par, 275 strokes). This year, Shin Ji-ae has placed her qualifications for the Paris Olympics at the center of all her tour activities. In women's golf at the Olympics, two tickets are given to each country, and up to four players per country can participate within the top 15 in the world rankings. Shin Ji-ae, currently ranked 18th in the world, is expanding her stage to the LPGA Tour and the Women's European Golf (LET) Tour to build up her ranking points. This tournament was hosted by Se-Ri Pak, a pioneer with a total of 25 wins on the LPGA Tour. This is the first time that a Korean player's name has been included in the title of a tournament on the LPGA Tour. Shin Ji-ae participated in this competition as an invited player at Se-ri Pak's direct request. As he rose to the joint lead in the third round, attention focused on whether the representative of the 'Seri Kids', who started playing golf after seeing Se-ri Pak's performance, could become the first champion. The biggest variable in the game that day was the strong wind. The strong wind that blew throughout the course throughout the game acted as a negative factor in the players' ability to make accurate shots. Shin Ji-ae also had to deal with a difficult game from the beginning. She lost strokes on the first two holes with back-to-back bogeys, but she bounced back with two birdies of her own. By midway through the match, she was tied for the lead with Allison Lee (USA) and Koda, but a double bogey on the 12th hole was painful. Ji-ae Shin, who lost her first two strokes and then lost two strokes, was unable to improve her ranking, only paring all six of her remaining holes. “This course has very small greens, so you have to be very focused on your shots,” Ji-ae Shin said after she finished the competition. “So I might have had a chance to win, but the wind didn’t help today,” she said. However, she laughed and said, “This is golf.” He said, “It is still March and there are many competitions left,” and “Today’s experience will be helpful in future competitions.” Koda won the championship after a close match that went into overtime with Ryan O'Toole (USA). It was her 10th win on tour, adding the trophy two months after the Drive On Championship held last January. Koda said, “Se-ri Pak has been an inspiration to many people around me, and I am one of them. It was an amazing feeling to meet and talk to one of the best players and to win his competition.” Among Korean players, Shin Ji-eun tied for 10th place (5 under par, 279 strokes), and two Korean players ranked in the top 10. Kim Hyo-joo and Lee Mi-hyang finished in a tie for 18th place (3 under par, 281 strokes), Kim A-lim finished in a tie for 22nd place (2 under par, 282 strokes), and Lim Jin-hee finished in a tie for 27th place (1 under par, 283 strokes). <br> for more info check this : <https://www.betsarang.com>

Kyung-Joo Choi tied for 5th place…

3 under par 68 in the final 3rd round of the PGA Tour Champions Hog Classic Newport Beach (total prize money: $2 million) held at Newport Beach Country Club (par 71) in Newport Beach, California, USA on the 24th (local time). He finished tied for 5th place (10 under par, 203 strokes). This is the first time that he has entered the top 10 in the Champions Tour for those over 50 years old. Prior to this competition, Choi Gyeong-ju participated in four major competitions and placed in the top 20 in all of them, but did not make it to the top 10. His best result was a tie for 13th at last month's Trophy Hassan II. Choi Gyeong-ju reduced 4 strokes through 13 holes to catch up with leader Padrigue Harrington (Ireland), but withdrew from the championship race with a bogey at the 17th hole (par 3). Harrington hit 2 under par and won by 1 stroke (14 under par, 199 strokes). He was unable to reduce the number of strokes by trading 2 birdies and 2 bogeys in 16 holes, but confirmed the win with consecutive birdies on the 17th and 18th holes. It is his first win this year and his seventh win in his career on the senior tour, and the winning prize is $300,000 (about 400 million won). Thongchai Zaidi (Thailand) performed well in second place (13 under par, 200 strokes). Yang Yong finished the tournament in a tie for 11th place (6 under par, 207 strokes), and Wi Chang-soo finished in a tie for 15th place (5 under par, 208 strokes). <br> for more info check this : \<<https://www.betsarang.com/>

KPGA Grand Prize’ Ham Jeong-woo participates in two PGA Tour 2nd tournaments

Ham Jeong-woo (30, Hana Financial Group), who became the best player in the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) last year, continues his challenge on the American stage. KPGA announced on the 25th, "Ham Jeong-woo will leave for the United States on the 28th and participate in two tournaments on the Korn Ferry Tour, the second division tour of the PGA of America." Ham Jeong-woo will participate in the Club Car Championship held in Savannah, Georgia from the 5th to the 8th of next month and the LECOM Suncoast Classic held in Lakewood Ranch, Florida from the 18th to the 21st. Ham Jeong-woo said, “Now is the time to show results,” and added, “As I have adapted to the Korn Ferry Tour stage, I will do my best to deliver good news to the fans in these two tournaments.” Jeong Woo, who won his first KPGA Tour grand prize last year six years after his debut, competed in the final round of PGA Tour Q School. He qualified for some Korn Ferry Tour events this season as he was tied for 45th at the time. Ham Jeong-woo said, "These two competitions are actually the last opportunity. I need to achieve good results to be able to participate in additional competitions in the future. I have prepared diligently. I am confident as I am determined to stay in the United States for a long time." Ham Jeong-woo participated in four competitions on the Korn Ferry Tour in the 2024 season and succeeded in passing the cut in two competitions. for more info check this : <https://www.sportstotoking.com>

Ji-ae Shin “This is golf”

Ji-ae Shin, a veteran who was aiming to win the LPGA Tour, finished in the top five at the Furhills Se-ri Pak Championship. One double bogey recorded in the final round was painful. In the 4th round of the tournament held at Palos Verdes Golf Club (par 71) in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 25th (Korean time), Ji-ae Shin lost 2 strokes and tied for 5th place with a total of 7 under par 277 strokes. She was two strokes behind the winner, Nelly Korda (USA, 9 under par, 275 strokes). Ji-ae Shin put her ball on the green after just her third shot on the 12th hole (par 4), and she swung three putts on the green. On this hole she made a double bogey and slipped from her lead. After the game, Shin Ji-ae gave a calm response, saying, "The wind didn't help. This is golf." Fortunately, she rose to the top of the LPGA tournament, creating an opportunity for Shin Ji-ae to rise in the rankings in the women's golf world rankings, which will be announced on the 26th. Her goal is to participate in the Paris Olympics in August. As of the 25th, she is ranked 18th in the world in women's golf, and to achieve her dream of participating in the Olympics, she must be among the top 15 in the world by the end of June. Korda tied with Ryan O'Toole (USA) and won with a birdie on her first playoff hole. In the six competitions she has competed in this season, Korda has already won two. On the other hand, Korean players have yet to produce a winner this season. In the Furhills Pak Se-ri Championship, Shin Ji-eun (tied for 10th place, total 5 under par, 279 strokes) along with Shin Ji-ae were the only ones in the top 10. <br> for more info check this : <https://www.sportstotoking.com>먹튀검증

Malnutty shed tears

Peter Malnutty (USA) won his first career victory on the PGA Tour in his late 20s. But his second win did not come easily. In the meantime, Malnutty got married and became the head of a family with two children. On the 25th (Korean time), 3059 days after his first win, Malnutty brought out his son's favorite 'yellow golf ball' and won a thrilling victory. And he lifted his first son high into the sky before his trophy. Round 4 on the final day of the PGA Tour Valspar Championship held at the Copperhead Course (par 71) at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. Malnutty secured the victory by overcoming the last three holes, known as the ‘snake pit.’ Malnutty won by 4 strokes that day with a total of 12 under par, 272 strokes. He tasted the trophy again 8 years and 4 months, a whopping 100 months later, after recording his first win. “For the past nine years, I doubted I would be able to win again,” Malnerty said with tears in his eyes, adding, “It’s really surprising because I’ve had a hard time.” A lot of things have changed with this one win. He received $1.512 million in prize money, and was able to participate in the Masters Tournament for the first time in his life. Additionally, with the rise in world rankings, the possibility of participating in other major tournaments has increased. The FedEx Cup ranking rose vertically from 77th to 16th. If you maintain it well, you can enter the ‘Top 50’ to participate in next year’s special competition. Malnutty is famous for being a ‘foolish son.’ “My son likes the yellow ball. The yellow ball reminds me of my son and makes him smile. It’s pretty important to me,” he said, explaining the reason for using the yellow ball. Also, his loyalty to his friends stands out. Malnutty is playing wearing Lyle's favorite bucket hat to honor fellow player Jared Lyle (Australia), who passed away in 2018 while fighting leukemia. In this tournament, Lee Gyeong-hoon was the only Korean player to succeed in placing in the top 10. On the final day, he lost 2 strokes with 5 birdies and 3 bogeys, recording a total of 7 under par 277 strokes, and finished the tournament in a tie for 9th place. <br> for more info check this : <https://www.totositerank.com>