Fetch details about a donor with this endpoint. For convenience, you can fetch details about any donor by appending .json to any donor profile, e.g. https://watsi.org/donor/dca14b959cad.json.

This will return a single JSON object, with details about the donor. The response will have the following keys:

KeyValue (Example)Description
tokenString ("dca14b959cad")The token of the donor
nameString ("Peter Kutrumbos")The name of the donor
urlStringThe URL for this donor's profile; normally in the format of /donor/[token]
avatar_urlStringThe URL for the donor's avatar photo, if available.
joined_atStringThe date this donor joined Watsi, in the format "August 22nd, 2014"
is_monthly_donorBoolean (true)Whether this donor is a monthly donor
birthdayStringThe donor's birthday, if available, in the format "March 11th"
countryStringThe country the donor resides, if available.
bioStringThe biography as provided by the donor, if available.
homepage_urlStringThe donor's homepage, if available.
storyStringThe story of the donor on Watsi, as available on their donor profile
countries_fundedArray[String]An array of the countries where medical procedure this donor has funded has taken place
profile_tokensArray[String]An array of patient profiles who this donor has funded. Fetch more details about a profile with the /profile/:token.json endpoint.

Here's some examples on how to request the data:

require 'open-uri'
require 'json'
donor = JSON.parse(open("https://watsi.org/donor/dca14b959cad.json").read)
# You'll need to install requests
import requests
r = requests.get('https://watsi.org/donor/dca14b959cad.json')
donor = r.json()
var request = require('request');
request.get('https://watsi.org/donor/dca14b959cad.json', {
  json: true
}, function(err, res, donor) {
  console.log("Donor:", donor);