Fetch details about a patient with this endpoint. For convenience, you can fetch details about any patient by appending .json to any profile page, e.g. https://watsi.org/profile/f9552c237720-mu-lar.json.

This will return a single JSON object, with details about the patient. The response will have the following keys:

KeyValue (Example)Description
tokenString ("69a1b67ff206")The token of the profile
nameString ("Julie")The first name of the patient
headerStringA short, descriptive sentence about the patient.
descriptionStringA longer description of the patient, their medical condition, the procedure they need, their livelihood, and other details about the patient.
age_yearsInteger (13)The age of the patient, in years. If the patient is younger than 2, may be blank.
age_monthsInteger (2)How many months the patient has lived past the age_years parameter; for example, if age_years is 1 and age_months is 6, the patient is 1 year, 6 months, or 18 months, old. If the patients is older than 2 years old, may be blank.
partner_nameStringThe name of the Watsi medical partner performing the medical procedure
countryString ("Nepal")The country the medical procedure will be taking place in
urlStringThe Watsi URL for this profile; normally in the format of /profile/[token]-[name]
photo_urlStringAn image of the patient. This image is guaranteed to have a 4:3 width:height ratio; currently, the image returned is always 638x479.
percent_fundedFloat (0.19)A float between 0 and 1 representing the percent that the patient has been funded.
target_amountFloat (600)The cost of the medical procedure that the patient is fundraising for.
amount_remainingFloat (324.5)How much of the cost that has not yet been funded by donors.
amount_raisedFloat (275.5)How much of the cost has already been raised.
number_of_donorsInteger (6)The number of donors who have already contributed to this patient's medical procedure.
public_donor_tokensArray[String]An array of donors who have donated to this profile. Fetch more details about a donor with the /donor/:token.json endpoint.

Here's some examples on how to request the data:

require 'open-uri'
require 'json'
patients = JSON.parse(open("https://watsi.org/profile/ecf7569b0ff6.json").read)
# You'll need to install requests
import requests
r = requests.get('https://watsi.org/profile/f9552c237720.json')
patients = r.json()
var request = require('request');
request.get('https://watsi.org/profile/f9552c237720.json', {
  json: true
}, function(err, res, patient) {
  console.log("Patients!", patient);