Calling /fund-treatments.json will return a list of all currently fundable patients on Watsi.

profilesThis will be an array of all fundable profiles on Watsi.

Each profile will have the following keys:

KeyValue (Example)Description
tokenString ("69a1b67ff206")The token of the profile (use the /profile/:token endpoint to get additional details)
nameString ("Julie")The first name of the patient
headerStringA short, descriptive sentence about the patient.
age_yearsInteger (13)The age of the patient, in years. If the patient is younger than 2, may be blank.
age_monthsInteger (2)How many months the patient has lived past the age_years parameter; for example, if age_years is 1 and age_months is 6, the patient is 1 year, 6 months, or 18 months, old. If the patients is older than 2 years old, may be blank.
partner_nameStringThe name of the Watsi medical partner performing the medical procedure
countryString ("Nepal")The country the medical procedure will be taking place in
urlStringThe Watsi URL for this profile; normally in the format of /profile/[token]-[name]
photo_urlStringAn image of the patient. This image is guaranteed to have a 4:3 width:height ratio; currently, the image returned is always 638x479.
percent_fundedFloat (0.19)A float between 0 and 1 representing the percent that the patient has been funded.
target_amountFloat (600)The cost of the medical procedure that the patient is fundraising for.
amount_remainingFloat (324.5)How much of the cost that has not yet been funded by donors.
amount_raisedFloat (275.5)How much of the cost has already been raised.
number_of_donorsInteger (6)The number of donors who have already contributed to this patient's medical procedure.

Here's some examples on how to request the data:

require 'open-uri'
require 'json' 
patients = JSON.parse(open("").read)
# You'll need to install requests
import requests
r = requests.get('')
patients = r.json()
var request = require('request');
request.get('', {
  json: true
}, function(err, res, patients) {
  console.log("Patients!", patients);